Friday, November 23, 2012

Home, Halloween, Chalk, Dolphins

So apparently in adding all of those pictures, I completely skipped over an entire month.  So here's the adventures of my second month here.
This was at Lido beach from the pier after having dinner at The Salty Dog, right before Autumn left.

Pelican on top of the shop on the pier.  It was posing for us.

View of Lido Beach.

Caitlyn attacking a pumpkin to get the seeds out.

Rubio.  In the sink.  Scared me SOOOO bad. He didn't seem to happy that I woke him up from his nap and turned the light on.

All of the stuff I got from the retired teacher's garage sale.  Not sure how it's all gonna fit back in my car but I could pass it up!

Fall.  Home.  2 things I missed a lot while here.

My awesome pumpkin carving skills.  Sunset at the beach :)

Mine, my mom's, and Ryan's pumpkins.  The debate over mountains vs. beach continues.

 Ryan and I before his banquet the weekend I went home.  Such good timing.


Goodbye Ohio :/

Skyway Bridge in St. Pete.  So much higher than it looks in this picture.

We also went to a Chalk Festival.  People from all over the country came to participate in this.  The roads were shut down and sections were taped off.  These artists were incredible!  This one is the beginning of a lion.

The 3-D toy box.  My favorite until someone pointed out the creepy doll with needles in it.

Such inventive ideas.  This one the image was difficult to see until you look at the reflection in the metal pole.

A really long mural of 8ish cats from a famous painting representing deceased people.

On the very left is a real person, but the little kid, yeah that's out of chalk.  My favorite and most realistic one I saw there.

Beginning of the monkey.  The bananas are real.

Oh the dolphin statue/fountain.  I had seen this online when I found out I was going to Sarasota, and was determined to find it.  It was still light out when we began our search.  Needless to say by the sunset in the background, it took us a while.  But we found it!

Mission accomplished.

Sunset at Marina Jack's (which by the way, is where the dolphin statue/fountain is in case you ever try to find it).
There have been so many other things I wish I had pictures of, but these will definitely remind me of some great memories when I leave.

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